About Us

The idea for The Hidden Swing Podcast started in 2012 when we were taking an eight hour trip to south Texas.  To pass time on the trip, Jennifer and I began listening to Swing with Michael and Holli on the Playboy Network.  From that show, we began to discuss our own feelings about default monogamy, our marriage, and about exciting adventures we wanted to share with each other.

Along our journey in the lifestyle, we have experienced a great deal of highs and lows.  We have experienced jealousy, joy, tears, and a lot of laughter.  We have meet some of the most amazing people and some of the worst.  This podcast does not hold back from sharing any of that.

Come along on our journey as we begin again to share our newest adventures in the lifestyle.  A great deal has changed since we began in 2012.  We would say that we are completely different people.  We invite you to listen to our monthly episodes as we navigate continuing this journey, and all the excitement we hope to find on The Hidden Swing.

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